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Parental responsibilities are the ability to make decisions for the child and generally ensuring the care and protection of the child. Parental responsibilities may mean making day to day decisions for the child, or making major decisions such as the child’s religious upbringing, education, activities, residence, etc. Parental Responsibilities are laid out in s.41 of the Family Law Act. Under the Divorce Act, they are called Guardianship.

Our award-winning parental responsibilities lawyers in Vancouver, BC focus only on the best interests of the child.

Divorce and separation

Separating from your partner means you no longer share a life together. You don't need to sign a document or go to court to separate.

Separation ends a common-law relationship. But if you're married, separation is only the first step.

The only way to legally end your marriage in BC is by getting a divorce order from a judge.

Child custody

Child Custody refers to a concept under the Federal Divorce Act. If sole custody is granted, the child will reside with one parent who will provide daily care. In cases of shared custody, a wider variety of arrangements can exist.

Our law firm focuses on negotiating an arrangement that will best serve the interest of the client’s relationship with their child.

Orders of protection

You can apply for a family law protection order in family court (in either Provincial Court or Supreme Court) if:

  • you've experienced family violence, or
  • you think there's a risk of family violence.

The protection order can be to protect you or any other family member who's at risk.

A protection order made in BC usually applies only in BC (not the rest of Canada).

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